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An individual Android app developer who is having trouble attracting testers.

Development background

Google adds requirement for app testing with 20 testers
When I was about to release the app myself, new requirements were added, and I didn’t have many friends who I could ask to test, so I struggled to clear the test. I developed this app (ADPF) because I wanted to create an environment where individual developers can collaborate with each other by launching a service that I thought would be great.

We are also tabulating a survey about Goole’s policy changes. If you are interested, please answer and confirm your answers.

Questionnaire About Google Policy 20 Testers for Android Developers

the purpose

To provide a means for developers to work together to pass closed tests and release apps more efficiently. We aim to create a virtuous cycle in app development by having developers themselves fulfill their responsibilities as testers.

Main features

It provides functions from two major perspectives:

  • View registered app information and participate as a tester
  • Use your track record as a tester to register information about your own app (recruiting testers)

Function as a registrant (developer)

Developers can register their app information and wait for testers to participate. At this time, as a way to manage testers,

  • mailing list
  • Google Groups (recommended)

Depending on which one you are using, you can guide your testers in the appropriate way. The following features are common to each.

Checking tester application status

Checking the tester’s participation status in the test (app installation record)

In the case of a mailing list, the register (developer) himself/herself must register the tester’s email address in order to conduct the test. Therefore, ADPF provides

  • Notify the registrant (developer) when a tester appears
  • Notify testers that the registrant (developer) has registered their email address

functionality. I recommend the registration method using Google Groups, as it requires manual work by the registrant (developer). If you use Google Groups, please set the group’s public settings to allow those who wish to join by themselves.

Function as a tester
If you participate as a tester, you will receive the following features:

  • Check the list of registered apps
  • Check the overview of the app from the list and apply to participate as a tester.
  • Notify the app developer that you have participated
  • Record installation history and allow users to register their own apps

You can check the overview from the list of apps and apply to register as a tester for the apps you are interested in. By installing the registered app, you will be able to record your achievements as a tester and register your own app.

Details on how to use the app

Please check from the top right button [?] in the app.

I post development stories etc. on my blog. Please read if you are interested.

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