When I first downloaded the app, I started testing other people’s apps. Afterwards, I registered my application with the trial version. When I signed up for the trial version, I only added your group (androiddeveloperspayforward@googlegroups.com). After signing up for the trial version, 4 people signed up as testers in my app. Until these people registered as testers in my application, I tested all the other applications, but a few of them did not open because they were faulty and I could not test them. There is no other application I can test right now (all of them dark gray). My problem is that I cannot check the box next to the people who registered as testers in my application and it gives me the following warning: “set up google group so that anyone can join, and ask testers to participate” in the 3rd section. Actually, I entered these two groups in the closed testing settings in the play console: “androiddeveloperspayforward@googlegroups.com” and “izban-testers@googlegroups.com”. Also, in the “reg required” section in the 3rd section, it says 4 and when I click it, it goes to the play console, but what is the purpose of this? What should I do? Although 4 people are registered as testers in your application, they do not appear to be registered in the Play Console. Please help me.

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