I am new to making flutter apps- for both android and ios and was looking into how could I get 20 app testers during closed testing and came across your site. Can I use another dummy android smart phone to be a tester of other peoples app and later when I require for testing I could post my app, and I understand that’s the purpose. I did download on my current phone but the app was asking too many permissions on the phone, and also when downloading other apps for testing how you assure that there wouldn’t be any app that can get data and other information, that we may download for testing. I understand this group is for helping new developers to go through this new Google requirement. How you assess security of those apps? I have to use Android phone to test these apps or can these be tested on the laptop as well.

Just few questions, and would appreciate simple guide in using your app on laptop or android phone. I do not think this can be used on Iphone?


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